Enter now for your chance to win £15,000 for a group in your community

The Bristol Post is delighted to be working in partnership with Wessex Water to launch Cash for your Community. This campaign will give local community groups, charities, primary school and non-profit organisations a chance to win a share of £15,000.

From youth clubs and shelters to sports teams and trusts, the Bristol Post are inviting you to nominate your local worthy causes.

After the closing date, twenty causes will then be determined by a judging panel and will be shortlisted for the chance to win a share of £15,000. The share of the £15,000 they receive will be based on the proportion of total coupons collected. It’s that simple: the more tokens you and your community collect for your group, the more cash your group will receive. To make those coupons count, make sure you register your group today to claim your share of the £15,000.

The more you collect, the more chance you have to win a share of the cash! Keep your eyes open as the tokens may change in value each day!

How to enter

  1. A Registration form will be printed every day between now and Tuesday, October 28, 2014 inclusive. You can also enter online at www.bristolpost .co.uk/cash. We need your registration before Wednesday, October 29, 2014. You can nominate a group using the same registration form, but please ensure that your chosen nomination is aware that you are entering them and that they are a registered charity or non-profit group.
  2. Once the closing date for entry has passed, a pre-determined panel of judges will work to choose 20 groups from all your worthy causes. An electronic starter pack will be emailed to each of the accepted groups to help them spread the word in their community and ensure everyone is aware of what to do next to win as much cash for their group as possible. We’ll feature details of the accepted groups in the Bristol Post on November 5. This is a great chance to let everyone know what you would do with the money if you win one of the top cash prizes, and also will give you the opportunity to raise additional support from your local community.
  3. We will print voting tokens in the paper every day from Wednesday, November 5 to Tuesday, December 9 inclusive. The aim is to collect as many tokens as possible, and encourage the people in your community to do the same. The more you collect, the more you chance you have to win a share of the cash! Keep your eyes open as the tokens may change in value each week!
  4. All tokens will be counted, totalled and verified by an independent source. The prize funds will be distributed based on the proportion of total coupons collected. The group who collects the highest proportion will win the largest percentage of the prize fund as follows: First Prize £5,000. Second Prize £3,000. Third Prize £2,000. Two runners up will receive £1000 and six second-runners up will win £500.

Terms & Conditions